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Hope your Sunday is going absolutely perfectly. Today’s you’ll hear an awesome episode from the 4As Strat fest in October of 2016. I talked a lot about the shortcomings of traditional media, dealing in alternatives and the ROI of different situations. Enjoy the episode and the rest of your weekend, please please let me know what you thought on social @garyvee <3 


6:23 - Why the Traditional Media is Broken 

9:05 - What Gary Does for a Living 

12:40 - Common Sense and Measurement Matters

14:25 - Measuring the "Thing"

14:52- The Structure of the Game
16:15- Not Believing in What You Sell 
17:15- Understanding the Seed
21:53- Strategy to Buy the Jets
24:00 - The Real Business Pitch for Clients 
31:25 - Dealing in Alternatives
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