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Trying something new in this episode. First In Line member Dan Willis got a chance to intro the podcast because he left a review on twitter. If you want to get a chance to intro an episode make sure you give us feedback on social ;). Super fired up on this keynote I did in Vegas on May 14th. A lot of b2b and b2c talk here as well as focusing on capitalizing on the attention your cultivating. Enjoy and let me know what you thought @garyvee


3:01 - Attention of the person you are trying to reach
9:15 - The future of Linkedin and how to take advantage of it.
14:01- Advice for B2B companies.
20:30 - The importance of communication and the opportunity available now
30 - The future of text platforms.
34:30 - Speak your full truth in your career. (Better to die on your own sword)
37:50 - Hacking your attention and being the next layer.
42:00 - How do you track the ROI and know that the work you put in will be useful?
45:43 - Why do you push people to Instagram when your audience is on Twitter?
47:31- How do I engage my customers on social?
50:21- How do you deal with entrenchment and bureaucracy within an organization?
52:18 - Why K-Swiss?
55:13 - Do you think we will be in an A.I arms race?

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