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#QOTD, from Suzy Welch: In our book we make the case that the place you should be working is something we call your "area of destiny." It's the intersection of what you're uniquely good at and what you love to do. How many of you feel that you are currently working in your area of destiny?

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How important is failure? The failure has to be quantified. If you fail and then can never get up from it again, that's not a good kind of failure. Failure and adversity are the two things I think about. For me, as an entrepreneur, all my failures along the way have been a lesson. I'm even thinking back to when I attended my first baseball card trade show. I bought a table at 13 for $400 and nobody showed up. That was a lesson. Those micro failures were super super important. But it also depends on your stomach. If you really go out of business, people can go one of two ways. Either they're just finished and they're never able to get off the mat, or they go in a different direction. So to me, quantifying the failure is important.

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