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THINGS I VALUE: I'm a humungous fan of patience. Lack of patience has caused so many people to not achieve the upside that they deserve and that just kills me. Another thing I value so greatly is an old school handshake. That really matters to me. Word is bond. Having people in your life that you can trust based on their word goes a long way -- you know, someone that you just know is going to deliver on whatever it is they say they're going to do. 

On the other hand, when someone doesn't deliver on something, I have the understanding to realize that unexpected things can come up and change the course of action. So I completely buy into being nimble and empathetic because you need to be able to understand that things don't always go according to plan, and it's not always the person on the other end that's to blame.

I also think that people that are grateful are extremely attractive as well. NOTHING is more ugly to me than somebody who's spoiled and I also think at some level, hypocrisy is the thing that I hate the most, which I guess touches on my previous point. 

So for me, there's nothing more important than having perspective on things and understanding that although people may have the best intentions in mind, not everything is going to work to plan. You need to be patient and empathetic and realize that when someone says they're going to do something, you'd hope they'll do whatever's in their power to deliver, but while also having the perspective in understanding that things don't always run their intended course -- And that's okay.

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