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#QOTD, PART 1: Would you "televise" anything on Meerkat or Periscope consistently?
#QOTD, PART 2: How much time in a 24-hour day would you allocate to watching something live on one of those platforms?

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What do I think about Disney investing in the Magic Band, and the future of wearable tech in general? You know the answer. This is an interesting question because this is the kind of future that is inevitable. Smart, wearable technologies is going to eat up the world. Everything in the world will be smart. All of it. ALL of it. Your shirt. Your pants. Your underwear. Your socks. It's all coming over the next ten to twenty to thirty years.

It allows things that are physical to go so much further in the digital world. The layering and ammo that this gives Disney in that upfront investment is extraordinary. The recall, the content pushing out, the unlocking new virtual features - all of a sudden now, they have the ability to change the flow of the park. One of the things that I am most fascinated by right now as a retailer is efficiency. Efficiency everywhere. In an airport, an amusement park, or a retail store. Where do you know there are always going to be congested areas? Then, where are the places people just aren't going? Now imagine slapping some technology on a rock all the way in left field that requires people to go there. Now you're moving people there, making less lines. People are buying more food; even a fourth of a hot dog adds up to a lot. 

Those are the things you need to be thinking about. The Apple Watch is going to be a game changer whether it is successful or not. I do have one on pre-order, and I think that buzzing on your body that saves you time (and you know how I feel about time) from looking at your phone is super huge. If it clicks the way the smartphone did, you'll start having people at scale with it. The watch.

Look at it for your business if you produce stuff. As an investor, I'm looking at companies getting involved in it.

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What would you say is the the biggest obstacle to your success right now? A lack of time? Maybe a lack of capital? Or maybe a lack of good employees?

Nope. All wrong.

The biggest obstacle to success is a lack of optimism.

I’ll back up.

The fact that people go straight to any other answer is the problem in itself. Money and time are, of course, difficulties. When I started WineLibrary, I had time but we didn’t necessarily have the money. So it took more time. Today, I have the money, but boy do I not have the time. Fact is, though, that neither should ever be an excuse. They weren’t for me, and they shouldn’t be for you.

This is something I really need everyone to understand. No one should ever point to time or money as an obstacle. They are firmly in the excuses column, and I have no patience for that. I will never make an excuse. Everything that is a problem with me, everything I don’t achieve and everything wrong with VaynerMedia is my fault. I succumb to that, I respect that, and that’s how I think it should be. No excuses. Even more so, you shouldn’t let yourself have patience for excuses either. Train yourself to believe this, and you will see amazing results. No joke. There will always be problems, and you need to get out of the mindset that they are obstacles because you should already assume they will be there. They’re just part of the path, my friend.

Because guess what? There are about a million other things that could stop success in it’s tracks. The health and well being of your family. The world is changing. The media, bad coverage of you. I’m a human being, and I always wonder what would happen if I say the wrong thing. Any of these things could happen, but they are the same thing: excuses.

There are a million reasons why not, but there is one good reason why, which is this: you just have to persevere.

No matter what happens, it’s the way it is, and you have to keep going. And that is where the optimism lives. If you truly believe that you can do it no matter what, you’ve got this. The only reason you might bring up any of the previous excuses we talked about is because you DON’T believe, right? Do not let that kind of thinking ever get in the way.

So. You can pick time. You can pick money. Pick any one or two things that you think stop you from winning your game. But the truth is there are a million reasons. Get thicker skin. Build up your self esteem. To be able to get through, you need to have optimism. Every day is hard, and all you have to fight it in the end is yourself.

The music for this video is a song from the motion picture "Inception" titled "Time" ALL Music rights belong to Hans Zimmer and the studio behind the creation of this song. 

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