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What’s up podcast! Super star human & NBA player Kevin Love stopped by today. We discussed his road through UCLA and ultimately to Minnesota, the importance of not hearing the boos or the accolades and Kevin’s take on how to stay tough during a depressive time in your life. Kevin has recently begun to take on a voice in the mental health space. For more on how he’s dealt with his struggles, make sure to check out his Players’ Tribune piece here
3:40 - I was born to be in the NBA
10:35 - The #1 business I would start today (youth athletics)
15:30 - How Kevin Love ended up at UCLA
18:30 - Biggest surprise of joining the NBA (can’t prep for volume/speed/talent of league)
23:20 - Off the court … mental health
31:15 - Players Tribune article
39 - How do you market talent to the masses?
44:20 - Fashion in the NBA
45 - How do you stay focused on your goals when dealing with mental health/depression?
53 - When the home team boos after the away team goes on an 11-0 run
58 - Turning negativity into a positive
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What's up podcast. This is a brand new keynote I did in June at a conference hosted by Ericsson. I talk a lot about my DNA as a salesman and an entrepreneur, immigration, using your skills to your advantage and a lot more. A lot of good Q&A in here! Again really urging all of you to do what makes you happy and live your life to the fullest :). Tweet me @garyvee with any podcast feedback!!


4:20 - Why I had 8 lemonade stands as a kid

9:55 - My DNA has always been consumer centric

14:50 - How to leapfrog using your skills

22:40 - Are you sure you don’t have budget for social media marketing?

29:05 - Marathon running vs sprinting

36:10 - Being a practitioner of your craft

42:20 - Work ethic is a controllable part of the game

46:20 - Why LinkedIn and Twitter have become much more important platforms for me

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What’s up podcast. This episode is a throwback from 2017 where I sat down and gave advice to a young man. Enjoy and let me know what you thought on social by tweeting me @garyvee

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What's up podcast! This episode is awesome new content as I sat down with John Caudwell to talk personal brand, entrepreneurship and all things business. Enjoy and tweet @garyvee with any takeaways questions or to just say hi :)


3:50 - My commitment to output

9:40 - How John is measuring his growth on social

17:05 - What's on your mind these days?

26:45 - Documenting vs creating

33:40 - Your immediate circle needs to understand the mission

40:35 - The power of post-production at scale

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Shout out Georgia Green for the intro! Today's episode is from a while back but is soooo fire. Benji Travis (check him out @benjimantv) stopped by to talk building brand, creating a team to help you win and thinking bigger. A lot of gold here - listen carefully!! Tweet me @garyvee with any feedback ;)


3:15 - How I built my brand
5:25 - The importance of engagement
8:00 - Using video to build a business around your passion
11:15 - You need to know you
13:05 - How to create a team to help you achieve your goals
16:40 - There’s talent out there, you just have to ask
17:10 - How much of storytelling should be aspirational?
19:30 - One life
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Shout out Susanna Page for the podcast intro! This might be one of the best episodes for DTC businesses that listen to the podcast. I did a fireside chat in London recently, got a lot of questions on Empathy Wines and KSwiss which I answered in a way to bring value to anyone selling direct to consumer. Would love for you to listen to the whole 19 minutes and tweet me @garyvee if you have any feedback/questions ;)


:45 - How Empathy Wines started
3:15 - Year 2 of Empathy: act more as a brand rather than leveraging a personal brand
3:50 - Is Instagram the most important platform for Empathy?
6 - What is the best way for a DTC company to build brand
9:15 - Why it’s tough for publicly traded companies
12:15 - Brands moving into physical retail spaces
13:20 - Consumer’s only care about convenience 
15 - KSwiss 004s campaign
16:15 - The role of influencers in DTC
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Shout out Amanda Martin for the podcast intro! Today's episode is a mashup on accountability and winning. Tweet me @garyvee if you want to intro an episode, we're trying to get VaynerNation involved ;)


3:10 - You have to persevere 
9 - If you’re good enough you will win
14:15 - Successful people work
20:10 - I’ve made so many calculated risks that failed
27:10 - The honey empire
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First off shout out Christine Capone for the podcast intro :). Cool episode for you all today - this is conversation with a fan who offered to drive me to an event a few weeks back in Stockholm. We talked about a business idea of hers, I think this will be unique insight into how I approach building businesses. Let me know what you thought on twitter @garyvee

1:50 - Hire people who are good at what you don’t like doing
3:15 - Divide and conquer, or do everything together?
5:30 - Potential market vs actual market
8:20 - Spend your time on business development
9:20 - How do I get Empathy Wines in Sweden?
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What's up podcast. Today you get to hear a fire keynote I did in Singapore earlier this year. A lot of high level marketing tactics, how to win on social and the importance of perspective and a state of the union of entrepreneurship. Tweet me @garyvee with any takeaways and enjoy your Monday ;)


6:30 - The importance of knowing what you like to do

12:30 - Targeting x creative

18:25 - The more content that you put out…

24 - Why more content leads to more success

32:20 - Hire people that are better at the things you’re not great at

38:30 - Mix up your content, for the audience

48 - Facebook and the cannabis industry

53:10 - The importance of humility

1:01:00 - People don’t understand entrepreneurs if they’re not entrepreneurs

1:06:00 - Don’t be in the convincing business

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Shout out Anthony Smith for today's podcast intro. If you want to intro an episode make sure to tweet me @garyvee & @teamgaryvee with your feedback on twitter!! This episode is all about motivation. Hope you enjoy on this Sunday and are ready to crush it this week ;)

1:35 - I hope your truth is actually your truth
4:20 - Why can’t people understand the opportunity at hand
7:20 - Focus on the future, not the past
11:20 - The only thing I care about
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