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Yo guys this episode was so good we didn't even get to call anyone in. My friend Michael Chernow and I talked about some real shit - make sure you listen to the full episode and tweet us @garyvee and @michaelchernow for feedback or questions or if you dropped your phone number and we didn't call you. Much love <3 


6 - Lessons learned from our parents
9:55 - Noise is the only thing I’m comfortable in
13:50 - My new t-shirt ;)
18 - I’m not interested in a P&L
25 - Somebody Telling Me I Can’t Is My Oxygen
28:50 - People are always whispering
35:45 - How to make a wave
40:15 - I’m not in it for the money
48:30 - I love to push culture
54:45 - There’s no exclusivity anymore


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What's up podcast - been a month or so since we did an #AskGaryVee so I'm super fired up to be back and loved having Sharlee Jeter and Dr. Sampson David on the show. We talked a lot about willing things into existence, delusion, failure and took so epic calls as always. Tweet us @garyvee @sjeter2 & @drsampsondavis and let us know if you enjoyed the episode. Happy to be back :)


5:30 - Willing things into existence and the value of our “Brain”
9 - 8th place trophies and practical optimism 
12:15 - Don’t Create Delusion
18:40 - Micro failures can be macro wins
23:15 - Why I wink
26:30 - One story I never like to tell
35 - Selfless and selfish behaviors
51:50 - How to get control of your life when you are dwelling
1:00:00 - Question of the day: What is your fear?
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What's up podcast. Today you'll hear a motivational mashup made by youtube channel Motivation Affirmations, check out the original link below and shout out to First In Line member Joshua Bittman for today's custom podcast intro! For a chance to intro a podcast episode make sure to give us feedback on social by tweeting me @garyvee ;)


1:45 - Do you have the ability to weather the storm?

6:45 - I know happy and unhappy people

13 - No one becomes successful without putting in the work

18:45 - I didn’t talk till I was 35

26:10 - Quality vs quantity home time

35:25 - The game is the journey


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What's up podcast. Awesome 4Ds episode for you guys today, this session took place on June 10th and a lot of serious topics were covered. Please listen to the whole thing and tweet me @garyvee with any questions. Check out for more info


1:30 - How do you create urgency for a product catering to SMBs?

8:30 - When scaling so fast, how do you make sure the knowledge transfer happens?

9:30 - Can B2B SaaS products leverage influencers?

11:20 - CTA advice for a IRL banner campaign?

15:50 - How do I become a thought-leader in multiple online communities?

30:20 - How do I brand my Mortgage company to steal consumers from the bigger companies?

38 - Should we brand the company or the human being?

39:10 - TikTok or Instagram?

41:30 - How do you properly right hook?

47:25 - Should I build my own media team or outsource?

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Podcast hope your week is off to a great start. Currently in LA and fired up about the ESPYs and all the energy out West. Today's episode is about mindset. Listen carefully as this could be the push you need. Check out the original video from the Mulligan Brothers and tweet me @garyvee with any feedback ;)

2:30 - The last scene in 8 Mile
6 - I’m obsessed with practicality 
12:30 - What are you looking for
18 - I’m 40+, how do I start?
26 - The reality of what I want
32:45 - The great mistake of my career
38:35 - What if
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Today’s podcast is from a talk I did in Sweden a few weeks back. We talked a lot about why engagement is the most crucial factor for results and the well being of your employees, as well as accountability and entitlement. Please tweet me @garyvee with any takeaways from this episode and have a great Monday :)

5:30 - I care more about retention than profit
10 - I don’t micro-manage, I “bat-phone”
16 - less rules, less process
21 - my view on culture and leadership
29 - understand your own shortcomings
32:30 - call the bluff
37 - employee engagement can lead to financial success
42:30 - emotional intelligence and communication

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What's up podcast. today's episode is a 7 minute clip from a keynote I did in Jakarta earlier this year. Choose this as some Sunday motivation for you all and hope this gives you positive energy heading into the new week. As always tweet me @garyvee with your feedback and for a chance to intro an episode. Also please check out :)


1:30 - you need to get your mind right

3 - did you fuck up or no?

4:55 - you need the full context

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Today's episode is a segment from a talk I did last year in Auckland, NZ that my team said has been getting a lot of attention. It's so important that everyone starts talking to the world, my team tries to put out 100 pieces of content per day... I hope this episode brings some value to you and tweet me @garyvee with any feedback 


2:25 - the reality of the internet

5 - this era will go away

7:40 - put out all your best info for free

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Today's episode is a brand new keynote I did at the 2019 Financial Brand Forum in Vegas on April 15th. I was really on my game for this hour and talked a lot about putting the past on a pedestal, how technological advances are making brand more important than ever, speed and more. If you want a chance to intro a podcast episode leave a video review on twitter and tag me @garyvee ;)


16:00 - The problem with putting the past on a pedestal
23:00 - the only thing we are left with is brand
33:30 - why do we live completely different lives than our business practices
41:15 - who here has clicked a banner ad?
54:09 - all we care about is speed
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What's up everyone happy 4th of July. I've been on vacation for a few weeks now so it's good to be back and hope to get some of you to check out ;). Today's episode is an exciting mash-up around my definition of greatness. There's a few rants in here, some throwback conversations with my good friend Lewis Howes and a meeting from last year with NBA player Nik Stauskas. Please tweet me @garyvee and say hello!!


:35 - Lewis Howes asks “what’s your definition of greatness”
3 - Greatness is a mindset
4:10 - Conversation about greatness between gary and NBA player Nik Stauskas 
8:20 - Lewis asks “what’s your definition of greatness” for the 2nd time
9:10 - Know who you are, own it, and greatness will follow
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