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Cannes was great, but i LOVED hanging out with my man Black Coffee and doing this #askgaryvee LIVE on the VaynerX yacht. We talked about what how he got started in the music industry, trying out a few things before landing on what he's doing now. The questions here were great, answering questions about how to balance work and life, how to appropriately deal with rejection, and inspiration vs motivation. Hope you enjoy this one !! 

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LOVED loved loved being on my man Jim Rome's show. I talked about exactly when my desire to buy the New York Jets started, when I think that'll happen, and what my idea of the media landscape will be in 20 years. Keep an eye on Augmented and Mixed reality, because as technology gets smaller and more efficient, these two areas will start to matter a whole lot more... Just keep in mind that as you're hustling, it's not about the money or fame - it's about not complaining. If you're complaining, you're definitely not hustling your way to a better life. Really enjoyed this talk guys, let me know what you thought ;)

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This one was HUGE. Easily one of my best meetups, and I loved talked to everyone that came out. Seriously, enjoy this one because every single person has a different question and story and it's FULL of gold. Hit me up and let me know what you think of these longer ones ;)

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Another FIRE week in the books. Hope everyone enjoyed this week, and if you missed ANYTHING at all (which you really won't want to), give this one a listen. Between the throwback to my talk at google, and the advice that EVERY SINGLE PERSON needs to hear about starting over in their careers, there's a ton. We dropped the first episode of After The App this week too, where I talked to Ben Silverman & Howard Owens about their experience producing Planet Of The Apps. Give this one a listen, and make sure to catch up on anything you missed. Can't wait for next week ;)

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This is IT guys. We took full advantage of time here, and did a Reddit AMA fully from the back of a moving car, traveling through Manhattan. There's some great questions in here that spread far and wide - from reverse engineering yourself to figure out what content you should be producing, to my sleeping habits, and how brick and mortar shops should be thinking to stay ahead of the game. If you couldn't tell, I love doing these AMA's. Can't wait for the next one. Let me know your thoughts ;) 

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If you like wine (and business), you're going to love this one. This is a throwback to a talk I did at Google about growing wine library, all while doing a live wine tasting and Q&A. The questions here are a perfect mix of wine and business, throwing straight back to building the business that started it all. Give this one a listen and let me know what you thought <3

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In this episode of After The App, I sit down with the Executive Producers of Planet Of The Apps, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens to discuss their insight into the show, we talk about the very first day of filming, and the biggest surprises they encountered while producing Apple's first venture into TV.

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Know those hundreds of hours you spend doing absolutely nothing? Stop using them to binge watch House of Cards and start hustling to make some money. Check this one out because we're halfway through the year, and that means we're halfway through the #2017FlipChallenge - but its literally never too late to start. Watch eBay, watch Craigslist, and start hopping on Facebook Marketplace and all those new flipping apps. Shoot me a DM and let me know where you're at :)

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This rant is for every single person that thinks they're "too old to start over", or that they're stuck in a job they hate instead of pursuing what they really want to do. At 31 I was a wine merchant buying and selling wine, and now I'm leading Vaynermedia. The INTERNET is what's enabling you to do a complete 180 and aim for what you really want. It doesn't matter if you're 25, 26 or even 54. This 100 percent applies to you, and you NEED to hear this one. Hit me up on twitter and let me know you heard this and understood !! 

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This intimate episode consists of calling my dad, Sasha Vaynerchuk. I hope you enjoy it, and I wish a happy fathers day to you and your father <3.

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