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I usually end my talks with a Q&A. It's a good way for me to level with the crowd and answer people's questions on a 1-to-1 basis. Truthfully, I'd rather do Q&As than keynotes because I believe there's so much more value there. Anyways, this is one of those events where I just didn't want to leave the stage. Great discussion. Great people .. And it doesn't hurt that they tried testing me on my baseball card knowledge and I absolutely CRUSHED that game ;) 

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So much love for anyone who decides to intern with us at VaynerMedia. Means the absolute world to me and there's nothing better than seeing those same interns come work for us full-time when they're ready. This is a talk I gave to this past summer's interns at VM. Such a great discussion and I made sure I did my best to be as open and honest to them about how to approach their time here and the years to follow. For anyone in their position or know people that might be, I suggest you take a listen. Nothing fluffy here ;)

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What an event. Something like 20,000+ Beachbody coaches all fired up to build their own businesses. I love the fitness industry but just like in fitness, your business is never going to grow unless you put the work in day-in and day-out. Such an honor and pleasure to speak in front of so many hustlers, BUT, that doesn't mean they didn't need some extra fire to get them going. Believe me, I BROUGHT IT. This one needs a listen. 

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Some more fire for you from Inman Connect in San Francisco this past Summer. I posted this video on my YT channel and the comments were super positive. Had to post it here for you guys ! 

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This is one of those special ones -- A small group but a powerful discussion. There's a lot of things that I touch upon when I speak and usually it depends on the context of the room, but for whatever reason this one hits on all pillars which makes it such a special discussion (not to mention it was during my book tour so naturally I was bringing the fire :)). Probably one of my top 5 talks if not higher. 

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THIS ONE WAS FIRE. Nothing gets me more excited than to be in a room full of industry folks and lay it out how I see it. For a lot of you haven't heard me speak specifically to the state of the union of the marketing and advertising industry, this is the one to listen to. 

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My man Tev is an absolute beast. He's a very successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry and he was gracious enough to have me speak at his event as well as be on his show. This interview was done first thing in the morning so there's definitely a particular kind of energy here so I suggest you take a listen. From one businessman to another, this was a fun one. 

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This talk at Web Summit in Lisbon was absolute fire. They put an incredible event on and I just brought it. It's one of the biggest conferences in the world and you know me, I like a crowd :) Take a listen if you haven't seen or heard it yet. 



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Positivity is the only speed I know. Unfortunately we're living in a world where only the negative minority is heard, but if I had it my way, we'd make the positivity much louder. I've said it once and I'll say it again, my glass is always half full, even if all I've got is a drop. We need to stop focusing on the past and putting our energy into moving forward and being optimistic. 

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Honestly my favorite recap of what THIS IS ALL ABOUT


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