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One of my all-time favorites for a number of reasons. In this one we go real deep in this one covering Amazon's Alexa, Snapchat becoming a brand, Apple vs. Facebook, Twitter being the next Myspace, and of course, my love for Hip Hop. Had so much fun with this interview. Make sure to check it out !! 

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Wieden+Kennedy is one of the largest, privately owned advertising agencies in the world. It was a great honor to speak in front of their London office and please believe me when I say that this was one of my best talks yet. For those that really want to see what my pulse is like when it comes to the advertising world, this is the talk you need to watch. So much insight and fire here. Love, love, love this one. 

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Love these young hustlers doing their thing. Persistence is key, my friends. You don't always break through but you'll never know unless you persist. These guys had been knocking on my door for some time and they finally got to me. They visited me in NYC and we sat down to talk shop about where their business is and where they can take it. Nothing but love for how this team has approached their business and making the right chess moves to get things in motion. Make sure all you aspiring apparel company owners tune in !! 

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My main man Charlamagne Tha God from 'The Breakfast Club' joins me on this episode and it .. gets .. heated. Love this man to death and I hope you all get a chance to check out his upcoming book, "Black Privilege; Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It". On this version of the call-in show we get into it. Hope you guys enjoy this one ;) 

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Another FIRE keynote coming at you and this one is jammed with 30 minutes of a monster Q&A session .. my favorite :) In this one we cover lack of confidence at an early age, re-investing in your business, buying followers on social media, Facebook ad targeting, and a ton more. Make sure you dive into this one. It's gold!! 

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Here's another one-on-one with a new VaynerMedia hire. As some of you know, I do my best to sit down with new hires at VaynerMedia within their first few months of being at the company. As my schedule gets crazier and the company gets bigger this is hard to do but even a quick few minutes can make all the difference. In this one I sit down with new hire Kenny and we talk about Kenny's past, how he got hired at VM, and what I suggest he do moving forward in order to make the best of his time with us. Would love for you guys to check this one out !! 

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Here's some special early access for my podcast listeners !! Later today we're releasing the short film to this audio and it's a message everybody needs to hear. Just because entrepreneurship is hot right now doesn't mean it's glamorous or for everybody. The truth is that it's hard and IT'S LONELY. When you're the head there's no blaming anybody else. When the buck stops with you, everything that's broken is your fault. I put out fires for a living. I'm a firefighter. Period. So if you're out there and you want to be a CEO or entrepreneur, you need to be ready to take all the pain that comes with it. 

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Here's a throwback to an interview I did last year during my book promotion period. In this one we chat about what it means to be self-aware, understanding the mental capacity needed to be a successful entrepreneur, what it's like to look back with regrets when you're in your later years, and wrapping your head around the bigger picture in life. For those looking for some bite-sized gems, this is the one !!! 

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Had SO MUCH fun at this talk last month in Vancouver. Such an incredible reception from the crowd and in general I just love heading to seeing my Canadian peeps !! Make sure you tune in for the Q&A session which is about halfway in as there's some real fire being spewed .. from AI, to startups, to the future of digital, this one hits all angles. Make sure to tune in !! 

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Here's 15 minutes of straight fire (and love ;)) from my time in Toronto a few months back. For those that are close to my content, you'll know that every time I'm on the road and have some time I try my best to schedule an impromptu meetup with local fans - an opportunity for my diehards to come out, take selfies, ask questions, etc. Incredible to see how many people came out just from a picture I posted :) Love, love, love these nights and this one was definitely no different .. so much love for my Canadian peeps !! 

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