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Loved loved loved being on this podcast before my keynote at Bestseller in Stockholm, Sweden a few weeks back. This is a really unique piece of content, and I chop it up on some topics that I don't touch on much, like what I envision for my kids, the best ways to reach millennials and a whole lot more. This might be one of my best interviews to date, so you really should listen ;)

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Loved meeting with hip hop icon and mastermind, Redman to focus on what his next steps should be into the content world. It all boils down to creating content on whichever platform fits your audience - similar to how dj khaled dominates snapchat. This chat was great, and we did some good narrowing in on the types of content, music included that Red can be producing to blow his personal brand out of the water. Hope you enjoy this one ;)

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Are you enjoying these raw, audio versions of some of my favorite dailyvee episodes? There's a lot of meat in here, including my a rant & chat with a #60secclub winner that gets deep & insightful. A big takeaway that I expand on for this episode, is to follow your heart when you feel you're losing focus on the end goal. Some real gems in here, hope it gets you fired up for today ;)

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Loved this meeting I had with these two guys from Connecticut. We dive really, really deep into a bunch of topics, including the nature of Pinterest, and how important it is depending on your business's target demographic. If you're aiming towards people looking to have a baby shower, you should be focusing a massive amount of time and dedication towards Pinterest, just like you shouldn't be using Snapchat if your demo is a 54 year old banker. Know your demo, know where they live and thrive in that area. That's the key ;)

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This year I got really serious about my podcast and I'm absolutely loving it. Here's a few total fire clips to get your new year started right ;) The clips here are from:

Wieden & Kennedy Talk

A Fireside Chat With Shark Tank's Daymond John

CBT Automotive Conference Chat

SXSW 2017 Q&A

Brand Minds Romania Keynote

AskGaryVee with Morgan Spurlock

Relentless 2017, A Keynote

A Fireside Chat With Vaynermedia NYC Summer Interns

A Chat with Nicholas Megalis

A Keynote At the Dutch Bros Leadership Conference

The Analyze Asia Podcast

AskGaryVee with Hasan Minhaj

Fired up for what's to come in 2018 <3

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As we close out 2017, I hope that i've inspired you to gl all- in on what you want to do, what makes you happy, what drives you to your success. In 2018, start becoming more self-aware, start doing more things for yourself and you'll start seeing positive results. This podcast hits home on every single point that I try and make, and I hope it gives you even more drive for 2018. Have a great new years everyone <3

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I know you all are absolutely loving this new format, condensing hour and a half keynotes into 5 minutes of complete fire and capturing their best parts, so I wanted to try them out on the podcast to get your thoughts. I compiled the absolute best points from the all-time Haste & Hustle keynote with the on-fire Dutch Bros' Leadership conference and incorporated a meeting I had with a group of students that came into Vayner to chat. Hope you love these-  hit me up on twitter and let me know your thoughts  !!

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This rant comes from a seriously deep place, where I talk about why I am the way I am, in personality, positivity and self awareness. Looking at different things in a positive mindset will never make a situation worse, because you're not blinded by the negativity. Some people this doesn't come natural to, and they have to work to gain a positive perspective and I'm so incredibly grateful to be born the way I was, and raised this way so that my perspective can always take the high road. Hope you are all having a happy holiday. Enjoy this one <3

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This keynote is complete fire, where I focus heavily on business strategies and tactics starting out with exactly why you need to not pass up on social media if you want your business to succeed. I dive into why the most successful brands of our time are they way they are, utilizing the platforms that warranted the most attention at the time to get ahead of their competition. This is one you 100 percent should not miss. Let me know your thoughts <3

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Love love love this little rant that came off the dome while chatting with Tyler my assistant - Sometimes being a number 1 in a company is over glorified and it takes a different perspective to realize that all these big meetings I'm having with these big names is really eating the dirt to set myself up for an even bigger success in the end. I'm grinding, just like all of you to place myself where I want to end up - long term goals. This rant/ exchange is something you should all listen to as you're setting up for 2018.

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