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Building Vaynermedia, the culture within the company always came to being one of the most important parts of the business - By giving employees security & room to grow, you get exceptional work and a drive to do good, and this business meeting that I had with the heads of our production arm, Vaynerproduction reinforces that idea perfectly. Anyone building a business needs to hear this one,  because if you instill this culture in your company it benefits everyone.

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Another totally loaded week full of complete fire... Between the meeting with Biz Insider where I go DEEP into my roots in Wine Library & Investing to a meeting I took with a very young hustler, this week was one of those you shouldn't miss. Take a listen, have a great weekend and enjoy ;)

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Snap vs Instagram stories is still one of the big outlooks in the social media game and this fire interview I did with the folks at Cheddar gives some great insight into where my mind is between the two photo sharing giants. We also dive into why and how Amazon is completely winning by buying Whole Foods, and my outlook of the current tech landscape. Enjoy ;)

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This totally FIRE interview dives deeper than a lot of my other more recent interviews. I sat down with Biz Insider and took some time to expand on the conversation with Mark Zuckerberg before Facebook's 2008 IPO, the process behind early investing in now-huge tech companies like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, and a VERY deep dive into the massive growth I provided at Wine Library. This is a really, REALLY big one guys - I know you're going to love it. Hit me up and let me know your thoughts !!

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Loved this interview I did when I was in LA for the Generation K launch! We dove right into everything from the story behind K-swiss, Planet of The Apps and we get straight into the reasoning about "THE SIDE HUSTLE IS REAL". Enjoy ;)

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As I've made it very clear, the world shuts down during August and this last week of August is no different, but it's when creative entrepreneurs like myself are scheming and getting ready to head in full-force. Here's a little sneak peek of what I've got coming for you in September ;)

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LOVED this meeting with a very young hustler, and helping to dive into his story to give him guidance. This advice isn't only for the young, but totally adaptable for anyone. Once you figure out what you enjoy, and what works - go ALL IN on that. ENJOY ;)

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The meeting I took with this guy perfectly embodies exactly why I only put out completely genuine stuff, and expands right on it. He sold his business, and is looking for new ways to dive from millions to HUNDREDS of millions, while developing and building a personal brand that will take him even futher. The advice here is simple and powerful - being genuine always wins. Hope you really enjoy & hit me up on Twitter to let me know your thoughts !!

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In case you couldn't tell, this week's big theme was POSITIVITY and the massively good impact that spreading it can have on your life, ambitions, business and overall well being. Hope you loved every single clip this week, and if you missed any of them -  you're really gonna want to go back and check them out :)

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No matter what, positivity ALWAYS trumps negativity in any scenario - the more you practice that, the more you're just going to continue to win. Don't hate the haters though, find a way to step around them and overtake them. Enjoy ;)

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