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If you like wine (and business), you're going to love this one. This is a throwback to a talk I did at Google about growing wine library, all while doing a live wine tasting and Q&A. The questions here are a perfect mix of wine and business, throwing straight back to building the business that started it all. Give this one a listen and let me know what you thought <3

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In this episode of After The App, I sit down with the Executive Producers of Planet Of The Apps, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens to discuss their insight into the show, we talk about the very first day of filming, and the biggest surprises they encountered while producing Apple's first venture into TV.

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Know those hundreds of hours you spend doing absolutely nothing? Stop using them to binge watch House of Cards and start hustling to make some money. Check this one out because we're halfway through the year, and that means we're halfway through the #2017FlipChallenge - but its literally never too late to start. Watch eBay, watch Craigslist, and start hopping on Facebook Marketplace and all those new flipping apps. Shoot me a DM and let me know where you're at :)

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This rant is for every single person that thinks they're "too old to start over", or that they're stuck in a job they hate instead of pursuing what they really want to do. At 31 I was a wine merchant buying and selling wine, and now I'm leading Vaynermedia. The INTERNET is what's enabling you to do a complete 180 and aim for what you really want. It doesn't matter if you're 25, 26 or even 54. This 100 percent applies to you, and you NEED to hear this one. Hit me up on twitter and let me know you heard this and understood !! 

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This intimate episode consists of calling my dad, Sasha Vaynerchuk. I hope you enjoy it, and I wish a happy fathers day to you and your father <3.

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Want to make sure you didn't miss a SINGLE beat this week? These are the most FIRE highlights that stood out this week on the Garyvee Audio Experience. Dive in, get hyped and push hard this weekend. Make sure you take a listen to the phone call I had with the father of a nine year old who stood up to a bully and turned the situation around. The advice in here isn't limited to anyone. I also talked about exactly where the social landscape is heading, and where it came FROM. Hope you loved this week's content, let me know what you thought ;) ;)

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This keynote I gave at the INC 500 seminar holds some KEY points to your small biz marketing. Content is King. The way you advertise, the way you market and show your product is so insanely important, but giving CONTEXT around what you’re doing is what matters. Because we’re living in a more fragmented world, your content and context around have to be as attention grabbing and eye catching as possible. Let me know your thoughts and give this one a listen ;)

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Loved having my man Mike Rashid stop by and chat. We spent some time on ideas behind building an audience - why you shouldn't only focus on avenues that have the highest reach, but will have the highest impact. One HUGE point we made here toward the fitness industry was having the self-awarness to not just pedal products for a quick buck. Do you really want to be selling things that you don't believe in to your friends and family? Leaving a legacy is what the goal is here. In everything I do, I want to leave behind a MASSIVE legacy of myself and what I created. Focus on the number of people that will come to your funeral, not on the number in the bank. Give this a listen - let me know what you thought :)

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Thad reached out to me via email, explaining how his daughter, 9 year old Olivia was getting bullied in school. But she didn't just let it happen. After hearing my "For All The Haters" video, she stood up to the bully, and told her teachers, later converting the former bully into a friend and going to her birthday party. I was so touched by this message that I called up Thad and Olivia to talk to them about exactly what of my content inspired Olivia. Thad, Olivia and myself would LOVE if you'd take a listen to this one. It really means the world & please check out "For All The Haters" if you haven't already seen it. <3 <3

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Everyone is fast forwarding TV ads and clicking away from banner and popup ads. I ate shit when I started Vaynermedia until it grew to what I wanted it to be. The three ways we’re going to consume something - Visual, Audio and Written word. Podcasting and sound is about to blow up. By becoming the media company in their organization and grabbing that industry attention at a level that’s open they will win. Start focusing on where the attention is cheapest and in the highest volume, and grab it. Hope you enjoyed this talk <3

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