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In this episode I sit down for an interview with Bloomberg during my trip to Dublin in February for the Dublin Tech Summit. In this conversation, we chat about the future of media conglomerates, today's best form of native advertising, the transition from radio to tv and the future of content marketing, and what I'd do with a $10M investment. BIG fan of this one .. let me know what you think!! 

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On this episode of the #AskGaryVee call-in showwwwwww, we cover putting in the work and making sacrificies, cashing in on your passion, and the brutal truth that every 22 year-old needs to hear. Make sure you guys tune into the last question .. would love to know what you think !! 

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In this keynote I stop in Hamburg, Germany for a talk at the Online Marketing Rockstars Expo and as you might expect, I bring some HEAT. Love this group and the event they put together and in this keynote/Q&A we cover Instagram marketing tactics, the importance of sticking to your strengths in business, and society’s lack of practitionership which is becoming a massive problem. Let me know what you think !! 

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In this interview we hit the streets !! No really, we did this one outside : ) Had so much fun linking up with vlogger and social media influencer Diana zur Loewen for this quick interview while in Hamburg. In this chat we discuss the ways in which I relax, spotting and reacting to the hottest trends, and making it count during this ONE at-bat we all have !! 

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In this week's version of 'This Week in Highlights' we pull soundbites from my time spent in NYC, my trip to Atlanta, and my anticipation for SXSW and how everyone participating should approach their time there. Appreciate you guys tuning in !! 



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So we don't typically post DailyVees to the podcast because a lot of the context can get lost without the footage but this one was special, where I decided to talk through my day to provide the necessary context for all those watching and listening. The theme in this one is patience and is dedicated to everybody with a ‘I want it NOW’ mentality. Whether it’s the stock market, passing up on a 1st class plane ticket, or charging money for content… I THINK LONG TERM, and it pays off, LONG TERM. Remember, marathon runners don't win sprints. Hope you enjoy this one !! 

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In this episode I sit down with Jewell, the latest #60SecondClub winner to get a 1-hour one-on-one with me in NYC. For those that don't know, those that comment on my Instagram posts within the first minute of them being up are eligible to win books, meetings, apparel, and all things in-between. For those that want to be a part of it, make sure you have your notifications turned on for my posts !! Jewell here is the perfect example of what can be won with the #60SecClub and in this meeting we discuss the beauty of documenting vs. creating, taking action on a whim, and the blueprint to what success could like in Jewell's career. 

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After my day-trip, yes, day-trip to Australia last year, I flew out to Cleveland for an event and during my time there sat down with Josh Felber for the 'Making Bank' video series. This was during my book promotion period so the discussion is heavy around #AskGaryVee but nonetheless it's a fire interview. In this discussion we talk about my love for Q&A sessions, being a natural-born motivator, and what I want my final narrative to look like.

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On Episode 243 of the #AskGaryVee call-in show, global artist Erik Wahl stops by and answers some questions from the one and only VaynerNation. After discussing his new book 'SPARK & GRIND', Erik shares his journey and reminds us that it's not all glamour and sizzle. After a detailed conversation, we answer questions on the advantages of documenting versus. creating, understanding both the craft AND the business, and the importance of optimizing your daily routine.

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Personal trainer, gym owner and fitness entrepreneur Mark Bell stops by the office to record an interview for his podcast, Powercast. Mark is a legend in the powerlifting world and has made some incredible strides with his business as well as for his personal brand. Both coming from athletic backgrounds, we had some fun here and discuss the similarities between business and sports, the impact of transparency because of Social Media, and getting in fights on the sidelines of our kid's sporting events ;) Make sure to check this one out !! 

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