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This completely fire meeting I had with my man iLLMIND is one that you really can't miss. Loved chatting wit this guy about everything music industry, hip hop and business while we were both in LA - let me know what you think of it & hit him up at @illmindproducer on Instagram. <3

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Ready for Biz Dev Sunday to come back? Now it's here, exclusively on the Garyvee Audio Experience podcast. You know all about my dad's wine store in Springfield, NJ and that it's where I got my start, but take a listen here and I'll tell you exactly how retail wine is changing and what our strategy for it is. ENJOY <3

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Hope you loved all the content this week :), I sure did. Loved having the two meetings with VM interns - these guys asked some great questions. If there's anything you missed this week, here's some highlights to get you rolling, but I'd be humbled if you gave them all a listen (especially the completely fire Q&A in Hong Kong) ENJOY !!

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This was a great chat with one of the Vaynermedia summer interns, Jake who raised a great question about how to prove you can provide value to larger companies. Taking the risk and asking with CLASS is what's key to picking somebody's interest, and then adding in a massive dose of patience. Every single intern or student should give this one a listen - it's really important !!

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This is a point that I drive across constantly but really can't say enough. If you're ONLY looking at the MICRO view, you're going to lose the macro. This message is one that needs to be realized by anyone trying to build a business or brand -  because it's just what's true. Nothing happens in a day, it takes time. <3

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Loved meeting with Vaynermedia intern Leo to chat about his time at Vayner, where his head was at and his aspirations for where he wants to go. He brought up an amazing question about how to best utilize the tiny percentage of time that's not already taken up by attending Law school, and I know you'll all benefit from this answer. Hope you enjoy ;)

By the way, love the new intro? The song used in it is "Legendary" by Welshly Arms.

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This keynote was a MASSIVELY good source of insight into my thinking and life. Loved expanding on my first thoughts when diving into the Chinese market, how I think when it comes to family & business and my ideas on humility, empathy and more. Complete fire in this one, including the Q&A. I know you'll LOVE this one :)

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From producing content at scale to expanding on the challenges of building out a massive wine retail & ecomm business in New Jersey, this was a great keynote that I focused heavily towards marketing & compliance. We dove deep into branding and the ideas that make a customer buy a product, as well as why and how to dive into emerging platforms to test ideas.  Hope you all enjoy this one. Hit me up and let me know your thoughts <3

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It doesn't matter what industry you're in, what you're trying to accomplish or what you think is possible... If you have complete faith in what you're doing and striving towards and the blueprint to make that thing possible, you're way more likely to succeed. Take this one completely seriously, because it's 100 percent true !!

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This week was packed full yet again and at 100 percent. If you've missed anything this week, here's a few highlights to get you caught up. I released my interview with CNBC Life Hacks from the Rise conference in Hong Kong, did a completely fire interview on ESPN SportsNation, and had my man Ryan Holiday on the show for a completely sick interview. If you missed any of this, definitely hit up that content ;)

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