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Absolutely loved being on my man Bilal Zaidi's podcast, Creator Lab last week. We spent some time and dove deep into some subjects and topics that I don't often talk about, ranging from some previously unheard childhood stories, to the ideas behind trading attention & navigating self doubt & self awareness to make sure that you're ALWAYS doing the right thing - ending on building a business that lives without you and leaving a legacy that you created. This fire clip was originally posted on his podcast at, so definitely check him out as well for the full show notes. Hope you all really enjoy this, let me know your thoughts !!

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LOVED having my good friend and constant positive vibe emitter Cy Wakeman on the show to talk HR reform, authorship, entrepreneurship and good mental processes. Cy helps businesses get rid of drama in the workplace, helping to boost efficiency and engagement and push down negativity - something I try and do for Vaynermedia as well. Can't wait for you to hear these call - in's too, so so relevant to the theme of the episode, talking about how to not take sides of employees when there's an issue, leadership within restaurants and why millennials are NOT the enemy. Enjoy <3 

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I'm LOVING these 4D's intimate Q&A sessions we've been doing. This one's got some heavy topics in it that has something focused for everyone. Starting out with my thoughts on work life balance and then moving quickly into what separates my ideology behind Vaynermedia and other agencies. Gave my thoughts on the types of people that brands should be hiring for their content creation needs, and then dove right into converting organic growth into paid right hooks. Hope you all love this one !!

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This quick little snipped I recorded the day that Amazon bought Whole Foods is about more than just that transaction, it's about what's changing across the biggest companies in the world, and who's moving in and up versus who's moving out. Enjoy :)

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Sometimes you need a big dose of tactical knowledge to blast straight into your weekend hustle. From Instagram strategies and tactics straight to cold calling, and influencer marketing these are some of my favorite tips to get fired up. <3

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I know you've ALL been waiting for this one. My man, the hustler, the hip hop legend Russ stops by to dive into his background, the music industry, and why putting out content at scale really does work. I admire this man's hustle and really know this is an episode you can't miss, call-in questions included <3 

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This. Is. It. Guys! I'm loving this format of bringing guests on to hang out, and talk - all while drinking wine out of brown paper bags, so nobody knows the type. We go through Joe's amazing background story, DJ Clue gives us a kickoff to who's up and coming and Daymond dives into the inner workings of Shark Tank (And more!) Hope you all LOVE this one, and I can't wait to keep em coming ;)

*** DISCLAIMER: We had some audio equipment issues which is why you'll hear it a little different throughout the episode. 


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Loved loved loved having my man and OG entrepreneur Tony Conrad stop by to talk business, answer call-ins and hang out. The call-in questions here are completely unrivaled and out of left field, ranging from a tomato farmer wanting to invest in hydroponics, the creator of a business that takes human remains and converts them into ceramic mugs, and other insanely personal memorabilia and a dive into a new agricultural technology. You're not gonna want to miss this ;)

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This is the one. I may have been out for August, but this interview I did with the Haste and Hustle crew brought straight fire back to me. Loved diving into the difference between what I consider macro failures and micro failures, and stretching one of my top beliefs - that you need to make sure you're doing what YOU want. Focusing on doing things with yourself in mind is going to get you so far ahead, because it lets you leave the losers in the dust. It doesn't matter what happened in the past, only what you're gonna do about it. <3 

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We got DEEP in this large Q&A with some students & young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, diving into content strategies, what my current favorite platforms are, and how I utilize my personal Garyvee brand to experiment with content that drips down to Vaynermedia, it's clients and companies that I'm personally invested in. Tonnnns of meat in this one that I know you'll love <3

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