The GaryVee Audio Experience

They keynote in Seattle exemplifies exactly why I'm so forward towards the world of audio and the direction that it's headed in. I loved answering questions for this Techstars group, and diving into the nitty gritty behind Alexa, voice, future AI, and podcasting - everything future of audio related. Really hope that you guys like this talk - as many of you know, I really do think that voice (Amazon Alexa/Echo, Google Home, etc.) is going to be huge because of how much time it saves in our lives. Enjoy <3

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Loved doing this 1:1 interview right before my keynote at Brand Minds Asia. We jumped into what my views on the future of advertising are, focusing on some of the pain points of the present- that so much money is being diverted to traditional reach that isn't where the current state of attention is, and why "case studies" and "market studies" aren't always as accurate as they claim to me. Check this one out, it's great :)

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Really enjoyed doing this keynote and Q&A at Samsung's 837 space in downtown Manhattan. We went over my guiding light and mentor in life, which isn't who you'd think, reverse engineering the market to accurately and usefully provide value and drive results and touched on why I chose to help out in the family business, building Wine Library to where it is today, even though I have no physical stake in the business. This was a really great one, I hope you enjoy ;)

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This was a really cool keynote I did at Animoto's marketing summit last week. I dive into the current state of what we're all battling for - attention. Every single time you post anything on social media, you're battling every other person posting for the attention of your followers & community you're posting in. I also take one question, asking what I would do differently.  Hope you enjoy this one ;)

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This is easily one of my most ALL TIME interviews. We started this one off going into a topic that I touch on a lot-  that every generation is beginning to learn faster and faster and keep up more with technology. I dove into the value of Instagram & social networks with Larry, explaining how the "Jab jab jab, right hook" mentality fits in and works within content promotion. Then we dive into what I see as the top emerging platforms, what to look out for any why. Hope you all enjoy this one, it's easily one of my favorites. Hit me up <3

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Loved chatting with my man Pedro Earp, Cheif Disruptive Growth Officer ay AB inBed, diving into his new company, ZX Ventures, how companies can stay ahead of the innovation & distribution curve no matter what the industry & what sets the craft beer sector apart from traditional beverage sales. Some great questions here too, expanding on working for a big business vs small, marketing and distributing content for craft beverage sales and many more. Enjoy ;)

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This meeting I had with my man Nipsey Hussel was complete fire - loved chatting with this dude and diving deep into the music industry, sports, why pushing out content at scale is key and much, MUCH more. There's SO much in this one meeting that I know you will all love <3 

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If you're looking to learn a little about my views on the Asian markets and my understanding of the Chinese KOL / Influencer market and how it relates between countries. I also jammed about the startup market, and young companies raising their A or B rounds, and why that's so attractive to younger entrepreneurs. This interview is a great one, and you really won't want to miss it. Enjoy <3

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This meeting I took before heading to Singapore really brought out the best example and reasoning of why you need to focus on long term success and happiness instead of buying flashy watches & fast cars right now. A great example I give here, is that if you saved that $10,000 you'd spend on things you really don't need every year, in just a few years you'd have enough to dive in and start your own small business. These 17 minutes contain some of the most important points in entrepreneurship and I hope you take it all to heart <3

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This Keynote that I did with a few popular YouTubers is STRAIGHT FIRE. YouTube has been a huge part of my content strategy for years, so being able to give my 2 cents on the best ways to grow, engage and prosper on YouTube was great and the Q&A section was no exception. If you're even remotely into YouTube and video creation, you need to hear this. <3 

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