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This is it guys, the only person that can make it happen for you, is you. The permission is there, stop wishing you could do something and take that first step to actually making it happen. I'm giving you permission to win. Another topic I dive into here, is how WeWork developed a product for a market that wasn't 100 percent created, and absolutely blew it up. Get fired up this weekend, and start NOW. <3

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LOVED having hall of fame legend and heavyweight champion boxer Roy Jones Jr stop by and join me on the show today. We chatted about how he got started in boxing after trying a number of other sports, his career, and took some FIRE calls from fans. We chat about the boxers Roy still strives to fight, answer questions about improving your skills at your craft, whether it's boxing or anything else, and take a call from a sports marketing agency owner, asking what the best solution is when you fall on hard times on the brink of massive success. This all-time episode is a must-listen, and I know you're gonna love it. <3

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