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In this compilation I go deep into my lifelong strategy of micro speed and macro patience. Just because Mark Zuckerberg put on a hoodie and built one of the biggest businesses in the world doesn't mean that EVERYONE can do the same. Mark is a special breed, who built a special product, at a special time. He's an assassin as a businessman and just because it feels like he did it overnight, doesn't mean that we all can become just as successful or even a fraction of it in the same amount of time. There's no shortcuts in life and everything that matters takes time. Stop rushing and looking for the easy way out because there is none - period. Please take a listen to this one as so many of you need to hear it. 

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Guys - this might be the most important clip from any of my content TO-DATE. You're going to see it all over my channels today but the podcast listeners are first to get it !! This clip was taken from #AGV 244 where Taylor, a 22 year-old girl called in to the show. This conversation really struck a chord with me and I'm sure it comes through in this audio. Her actions just weren't mapping her desire and I know that her thought process is the same that so many youngins have and it's just not right. I hold ZERO punches in this one and I'd love for you to have a listen. Patience is the game, my friends. There's just no way around it. 



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In this episode I sit down for an interview with Bloomberg during my trip to Dublin in February for the Dublin Tech Summit. In this conversation, we chat about the future of media conglomerates, today's best form of native advertising, the transition from radio to tv and the future of content marketing, and what I'd do with a $10M investment. BIG fan of this one .. let me know what you think!! 

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On this episode of the #AskGaryVee call-in showwwwwww, we cover putting in the work and making sacrificies, cashing in on your passion, and the brutal truth that every 22 year-old needs to hear. Make sure you guys tune into the last question .. would love to know what you think !! 

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In this keynote I stop in Hamburg, Germany for a talk at the Online Marketing Rockstars Expo and as you might expect, I bring some HEAT. Love this group and the event they put together and in this keynote/Q&A we cover Instagram marketing tactics, the importance of sticking to your strengths in business, and society’s lack of practitionership which is becoming a massive problem. Let me know what you think !! 

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In this interview we hit the streets !! No really, we did this one outside : ) Had so much fun linking up with vlogger and social media influencer Diana zur Loewen for this quick interview while in Hamburg. In this chat we discuss the ways in which I relax, spotting and reacting to the hottest trends, and making it count during this ONE at-bat we all have !! 

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In this week's version of 'This Week in Highlights' we pull soundbites from my time spent in NYC, my trip to Atlanta, and my anticipation for SXSW and how everyone participating should approach their time there. Appreciate you guys tuning in !! 



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So we don't typically post DailyVees to the podcast because a lot of the context can get lost without the footage but this one was special, where I decided to talk through my day to provide the necessary context for all those watching and listening. The theme in this one is patience and is dedicated to everybody with a ‘I want it NOW’ mentality. Whether it’s the stock market, passing up on a 1st class plane ticket, or charging money for content… I THINK LONG TERM, and it pays off, LONG TERM. Remember, marathon runners don't win sprints. Hope you enjoy this one !! 

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In this episode I sit down with Jewell, the latest #60SecondClub winner to get a 1-hour one-on-one with me in NYC. For those that don't know, those that comment on my Instagram posts within the first minute of them being up are eligible to win books, meetings, apparel, and all things in-between. For those that want to be a part of it, make sure you have your notifications turned on for my posts !! Jewell here is the perfect example of what can be won with the #60SecClub and in this meeting we discuss the beauty of documenting vs. creating, taking action on a whim, and the blueprint to what success could like in Jewell's career. 

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After my day-trip, yes, day-trip to Australia last year, I flew out to Cleveland for an event and during my time there sat down with Josh Felber for the 'Making Bank' video series. This was during my book promotion period so the discussion is heavy around #AskGaryVee but nonetheless it's a fire interview. In this discussion we talk about my love for Q&A sessions, being a natural-born motivator, and what I want my final narrative to look like.

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On Episode 243 of the #AskGaryVee call-in show, global artist Erik Wahl stops by and answers some questions from the one and only VaynerNation. After discussing his new book 'SPARK & GRIND', Erik shares his journey and reminds us that it's not all glamour and sizzle. After a detailed conversation, we answer questions on the advantages of documenting versus. creating, understanding both the craft AND the business, and the importance of optimizing your daily routine.

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Personal trainer, gym owner and fitness entrepreneur Mark Bell stops by the office to record an interview for his podcast, Powercast. Mark is a legend in the powerlifting world and has made some incredible strides with his business as well as for his personal brand. Both coming from athletic backgrounds, we had some fun here and discuss the similarities between business and sports, the impact of transparency because of Social Media, and getting in fights on the sidelines of our kid's sporting events ;) Make sure to check this one out !! 

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In this one I sit down with Ireland's RTE News where I backup my #1 thesis in that the cell phone is the most powerful communication device in existence. From networking, social media, staying on top of trends, and simply communicating as humans, the cell phone sits at the center of it all and will continue to do so for quite some time. 


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Here's this week in highlights coming at you from NYC, Detroit, London, and Hamburg !! What a crazy week as you can see in DailyVee but if you're strapped for time this is the podcast for you, capturing all of this week's best clips, from fixing the well, not the sink - The meaning of winning - and what it means to "taste everything" 


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This must be my year because I've said this a few times but this definitely one of my strongest keynotes to-date. Not only is it a massive talk but it's followed by a super strong Q&A. In this episode, I discuss the beauty of entrepreneurship, the dangers of down-playing social media, my biggest failures to-date, and why a real practitioner isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Thanks to everyone who showed me love in Dublin !! 



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On Episode 242 of the #AskGaryVee call-in show the LEGENDARY Tony Robbins stops by and co-hosts with me !! After a quick summary of Tony’s new book ‘UNSHAKEABLE,' we answer questions about how Tony and I find gratitude in our lives, the importance of diversifying our investments, and the 80/20 rule behind focusing on what's important in business while also flirting with new ideas as an entrepreneur. THIS ONE IS FIRE !! 



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A few weeks back, following the What's Next?! Conference in Belgium I sat down for a fireside chat in with a room of Belgian/European startups. With this small and intimate group we discuss the good ole days of when tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs weren't cool or famous, how incentivized marketing (in my opinion) is bullsh*t, and what it's like to treat a business like your own child. Make sure you tune into this one because it's FIRE. 

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After the 'What's Next!?' Conference in Brussels a few weeks ago, I sat down with a small group to answer a bunch of questions following my talk.  In this one we cover the current state of marketing, the difference between being a businessman versus a marketer, how I don't plan on selling VaynerMedia, winning over your boss's budget (or not), and as always, day-trading the market's attention in this ever-changing digital age. Love these post-keynote interviews because my energy levels are still charged up from my time on stage. Would love to know what you think !! 

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PRACTICALITY. After finishing my keynote out in Dublin last week I was interviewed by some Irish press. In this one we cover the falsehoods of today's entrepreneurial landscape and the massive lack of practicality I'm seeing. Today, those who would've taken consulting gigs 10 years ago are starting businesses because that's the thing to do and it's easy to get money. But, what I'm concerned about, is what's going to happen when the money dries up. If you're not in because it's your truth you're not going to be able to make it out when things get hard and that's what worries me. 


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Every time I sit down with my man James Altucher we have a blast and this last time was no different. This clip you're about to listen is a sleeper and according to my team, it's one of the best audio-bites from any of my content. If you're caught up in your 9-5 or your corporate gig and want to get out, this one's for you. Take a listen and let me know what you think. We have a special surprise in store for this clip coming out in video-form soon ;) 


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Long week grinding in NYC followed up by a day trip to Denver. In this week's highlight reel we cover clips discussing 8th place trophies, the importance of self-esteem, our lack of empathy in society, and not giving a f*&k when it comes to negative comments on social media. 


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Last week I was out in Dublin for the Dublin Tech Summit. Such a great event and a huge thanks to everyone that show me love. In this interview we cover the evolution of communication, the truth about fake news, silence all the haters complaining about how the Internet has 'ruined' us, and the big question of does social media change us or expose us?

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My team compiled some of my stronger rants from this month of content and I'm a big fan of what they did and the momentum we've got going. It's been a crazy month and there's just so much going on. In this one we highlight the importance of doing the things you love so you can breathe, what it takes to make it long term, understanding your DNA and capitalizing it, the future of the market and how it's going to dry up, and things winners avoid in order to win. Let me know what you think !! 

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Another fire talk with a with the team at Snackbytes in Brussels. In this one I take a different spin and hit on some things I don't normally touch on including the subjectivity of creative and the future of cohort marketing and how it plays with creative. BUT, what's most important is that there's 45 minutes of gold as we do one of my longest Q&A sessions !!! 

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4 minutes of straight fire. In a recent DailyVee I decided to go live as filming on the weekends can be a little tough. I think I'm onto something here because this was GOLD. In this one we talk weaknesses, technology, content marketing, gaining exposure by doing spec work, and more. 

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Too many of you ponder, think, strategize, and are crippled by doing things without having a master plan in place .. and you're going to lose. Dwelling is just simply the wrong strategy. We're far too crippled by things we can't control and we need to stop. If you have something you want to do .. attack !! Get things in motion, adjust on the fly, and put the things in place to help you succeed. Especially when it comes to content creation, too many of you are striving for perfection and that desire for perfection is the single variable that's going to make you lose. Don't overthink it. Just do. You'll learn far more by being in the dirt than by dreaming in the clouds. 

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So if you don't know, those that comment on my Instagram posts in the first 60 seconds are eligible for prizes and exclusive access from me. Anything from swag, signed books, meetings, interviews, and anything above and in between is up for grabs. If you're not part of it, make sure you turn on my notifications !! In this soundbite the incredible Eva, who's a #60SecClub winner takes a ride with me to have our meeting. In this chat we talk angel investing, scaling a career, being patient, and something you've NEVER heard from me ... Make sure you listen to find out ! 












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In this episode we highlight this week's best moments. From my talk in Ontario at Haste and Hustle, to my time on stage at Dublin's Tech Summit, to some of the best soundbites from this week's #AskGaryVee call-in show, we're trying to bring some new flavor to the podcast. Would love to know what you think !! 

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Here's a talk I did last week in wonderful Ontario. As you'll see in DailyVee 156, me and everyone's favorite YouTuber Casey Neistat flew out together and shared the stage. This was more of an intimate talk than I'm accustomed to and that ensured that some real fire came out, especially in the Q&A. We're doing our best to get these talks out as soon as the event's are complete so I'd love to know what you guys think !! @GaryVee ;)

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Here's a Q&A I did while in the car back from the airport. This one was gold because we cover a ton in just a car ride, including communicating with employees to set them up to win in the long term, overcoming the fear of failure, confronting those that bring you down, motivational speaking, establishing trust when trying to scale, and so much more. 

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Here's a clip from a recent DailyVee that hit home for a lot of you. No matter who we are, where we're from, what we've done, people are always going to throw us into a box .. it's just the way people are. When I started the agency, everyone was saying "Oh, now wine boy is going to start a social media agency." They automatically wanted to keep me in the wine "box" through and through I was an operator and knew exactly what I was doing. So I hope this clip helps you put an end to being affected by people's opinions of you. Believe in yourself, focus on what makes you happy, and punch the haters in the face by actually executing on your dreams. 

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Another episode of the call-in showwwwwwwwwww. This one wasn't planned but we had some room in the schedule so we made it happen and that's what I like to call maximizing EVERY MINUTE of the day. In this one we cover questions about getting shut down by Instagram, putting all your eggs in one basket, dropping out of high school versus staying in, and the type of curriculum I would create if I were in charge of Venezuelan business classes. Tune-in and let me know what you think ! @GaryVee


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This is one of my favorite moments of this past year. A simple but tactical piece of advice that SO MANY of you should be taken advantage of. You know how crazy it is that you can just "DM" someone on Instagram and get their attention? If Macho Man Randy Savage had an Instagram account back in the day and I knew that if I just hit him up enough times I might just get his attention, I would be ALL over it. We live in a world where we can essentially get to anybody we want to. For all of you who have a small business or who are looking to bring on new clients or contact influencers to help spread your message, it's all in the palm of your hand .. Start taking advantage of the tools we have and start making sh*t happen !! 

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This message COULD NOT be more important to me .. In this day and age where the negative minority is so much louder than those that are actually happy with their lives, we need to take it upon ourselves to spread positive vibes. Everything we're told, everything we're sold, is based on this lie that we all need to be fixed in one way or another and that's just not true. It's time to build on our strengths, focus on our perspective, and bring out in others the positivity that just doesn't get highlighted enough. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. It's time !! 

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Daymond John, judge on Shark Tank and founder of FUBU just opened a brand new co-working space in NYC called Blueprint + Co. To open the doors he had me join him on stage for a great fireside chat and Q&A. Was so much fun seeing all my NYC peeps stop by and sharing the stage with my good pal Daymond. What an incredible space he's opened. Check this one out for some good ole fashioned heat and flames !! 

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Here's a FIRE talk I did a few weeks back in New Orleans. For those that know me well you'll know that my DNA is small business and retail. I rarely do this but the second I got off the stage I told my team that this talk needed to go public ASAP. A huge thanks to the guys at BioGuard Leadership Conference for having me. For all you working in the "small business" space, this one is VERY important. 

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So interesting to look back and hear what I was talking about back almost 8 years ago. A lot of my pillar messaging still holds true today but of course the context of the conversation (and the world) has changed. A really important anecdote from this talk was how the self-esteem I had for myself helped trigger me to bring that same level confidence to people curious about the wine world. This talk was given back when I was promoting my first book, 'Crush It,' and I figured it would be appropriate to share now that the 2.0 version, 'Crushed It' is on its way :) 

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Self-esteem is the game, folks, and thankfully for me I was blessed with a mother who drilled that confidence in me from a very early age. It's time for us to stop focusing on what we perceive as our weaknesses or the fear of letting those around us down. At the end of the day, for all we know, there's only one shot at this, and I implore you to live a life that will lead to no regrets. It's definitely not easy but it's a north star we should all aspire to work towards. 

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For those that like the more industry-focused discussions, this one's for you. 26 minutes of fire. Nothing gets me more excited than talking to industry vets about the state of the union of where the advertising industry is (as I see it), and where it's going. It's so crazy to me the disconnect between sales and reported metrics. We're living in a time where the every day practitioners, those in the ad space, are acting so much differently in their personal lives than how they're selling in their work lives. 



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Had so much fun on this one with the ladies of First-Aid. I'm a huge fan of Sway in the Morning and this one was a blast. If you know me, you know I love Q&A and in this one we do a proper call-in show where I take questions from people all around the world. Here we talk personal branding, growing businesses through social, the future of digital, and the importance of listening. 

Here’s a FIRE talk I did at Twitter with Twitter employees. I hold zero punches in this one and give some tough love to a platform that’s very much responsible for my early notoriety. It pains me that Twitter hasn’t adapted much over the years and that it's not as impactful anymore (especially since I have such a large following there). In this one we go deep where I give them suggestions on how to update their platform, Periscope vs. other streaming platforms, how Twitter can beat Facebook, and how they can win the live event space. 

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In this one I sit down with the face of Lacrosse, Paul Rabil. Not only is he a beast on the field but he's a very knowledgable and savvy businessman. He gets things done and it was a real pleasure to sit down with him here and continue to get to know him outside of this first chat. Here's a good glimpse into how I approach people for the first time and like all things, play for the long-term marathon, not the sprint.



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This might be the most important message I've been focusing on over the last few years. We're so good (especially in America) at exploiting eachother's weaknesses and selling us on ways to get 'better,' and I'm trying to do the reverse. I don't put out all of this content out for you to try and be like me. I'm just trying to give you the cover to use my day as a barometer for you to measure how you're building your success and happiness. At the end of the day, by knowing what you're good at and what makes you happy, and focusing all of your attention on those things, you will win. You don't need to be the best at everything. You just need to do what makes you happy. 




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This was a blast of an interview I did when I was out in London for my book tour. In these 20 minutes we cover a lot, including media agencies, my thoughts on rebates, and even English "football" :) But in all seriousness, we discuss VaynerMedia's expansion plans, our move into London, media rebate investigations, and a bunch more. Check it out !! and for #MediaSnack episodes, look here:

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28 MINUTES OF FIRE. Another episode of the call-in showwwwwwww and we go hard. In this one we tackle building platforms around influencer marketing, strategies for personal brands, and some tweaks the education system so desperately needs. 

Such an important message in this one and I would love for you guys to take a listen. This was one of the longer exchanges from the new #AGV format where the callers dial in. We went at it for 7-8 minutes and the advice I give is going to be surprising to a lot of you but the underlining message is SO important. Would love to hear what you think <3. 

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For those that have been following along, you'll know that I do my best to sit down with every new VaynerMedia employee within the first few months they start working for us. Undoubtedly that gets harder and harder as we continue to grow but it's still something that's incredibly important to me to ensure I'm fostering relationships and a place of comfort for our new hires. Even if it's 5 minutes long, it's enough time to plant a seed for a healthy relationship. In this meeting you'll get a feel for how I navigate these convos and the advice I give to those looking to make an impression in their early days at the company. Take a listen and let me know what you think :)

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In this one we get SUPER deep and it's not just about business and being a practitioner but it gets emotional and puts me in a place I rarely get to. My meeting here with Jordan from Craft & Commerce might just be one of the most powerful pieces of content we've ever put out. Not only do we discuss developing a business and being a leader but Jordan admits to me something incredibly personal and there's just no words to describe the way it made me feel. Intent is the game my friends and doing the right thing is just always the right thing. Drop me a line and let me know what you think about this one. <3 

Legendary Hip Hop artist ASAP Ferg stopped by the office to talk shop and man was it a great meeting. In this one we cover the current landscape of hip hop, culture, and the chess moves musicians need to be making in order to stay current in today's digital landscape. I love how these meetings are now being documented. It's so important and allows you guys to really get sense for how I navigate conversations and new relationships. 



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For those looking for specific thoughts and advice about the current digital and marketing landscape, here's a great bite-sized interview for you. It might get lost in the audio so see below for the questions being asked.


We know you’re very high on Snapchat and the potential for marketers.  Are there any best practices you see for those already on the platform?  

You've always been smart about timing and where to put your chips.  What platforms are currently overpriced for performance aka the "banner ads" of platforms?  What areas are still untapped and delivering the most bang for the buck? 

Similarly, any new/emerging platforms you see on the cusp of breaking out?

Live video - Facebook Live, Periscope and others - where have you seen these platforms being used most successfully?  Where does the potential lie to have the most impact for brands?

What’s your current view on podcasts/video podcasts? Where do they fit into a B2B or B2C marketers overall marketing plan?


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Here's my second appearance on The Breakfast Club and boy is there some FIRE. Absolutely love the hosts of this show and the conversations we get into. In this one we talk hip hop, the journey to buy the Jets, the DNA of being a winner, and the love of the chase .. check it out !! 

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Another episode of the call-in shooowwwwwwww. We go deep in this one and build a ton of context around the callers' initial questions. Love, love, love this format. Would love to know what you think. Tweet at me or leave a comment on IG at @GaryVee. 

Wieden+Kennedy is one of the largest, privately owned advertising agencies in the world. It was a great honor to speak in front of their London office and please believe me when I say that this was one of my best talks yet. For those that really want to see what my pulse is like when it comes to the advertising world, this is the talk you need to watch. So much insight and fire here. Love, love, love this one. 

Direct download: Wieden_and_Kennedy_-_Gary_Vaynerchuk_Keynote_-London_-_2016.mp3
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For those of you here that don't know, my family immigrated to the U.S. from Belarus when I was a young kid. The immigrant hustle is real and this talk will give the insight needed to understand what the struggle is like but also the advantages of being an immigrant. To me, being an immigrant is one of the fundamental reasons why I'm successful. Perspective is everything and this conversation definitely provides the perspective needed in order to make it, whether you're an immigrant or not. 

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It's incredible to me that this young winner who's been recognized by the White House, the UN, and a number of other prestigious entities has been affected enough by my content and what I put out there to reach out and try to work for me. It's just so incredibly humbling and I hope that that vibe comes through in our discussion. We talk about his future, the importance of self-awareness in his upbringing, social entrepreneurship, and my advice for how he should approach his future. Love the energy coming from this kid. 

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Love this one because it speaks to the heart of me, Mom & Pop businesses. As most of you know I come from a small family business out in Jersey. I understand the dynamics between needing to make every dollar stretch and the complications that come from working in a family business. In this talk we discuss meritocracy, proving yourself to others, coming up in a family business, and the power of social when it comes to selling local. For those out in Atlanta in early March, come out and see me:

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It is INCREDIBLY difficult to build a successful consumer-facing app but we still live in a world where everyone thinks they can just start one. No matter what you're into in life, if you’re chasing the wrong things you’re going to lose. Period. You need to put your energy against the things that move you forward, not the things that are shiny in the moment. When I was starting my career, being an entrepreneur wasn’t cool. And sure it's cool now and I’m reaping the benefits but that doesn’t mean you can or should try and become an entrepreneur for those reasons. 

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Here’s an interview I did where we discussed the decline of the print industry and how the companies in those spaces should navigate the obvious shift to digital. The thing is that it’s not just theory, it’s execution that matters. The issue we’re facing these days is that media companies that are selling print don’t have to put the same amount of effort or planning in print as they would in Facebook and it also doesn’t hurt that they’re reaping the benefits from higher margins. And don’t even get me started on the lack of metrics media companies are held to when pushing print campaigns … Listen for more on how the media industry is shifting and how legacy companies that don't adjust are going to die. 

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Not everyone can be the #1 in their space and that’s OKAY. It all just needs to map back to what you want and what makes you happy. If Basketball is your passion but if you have no shot in being in the NBA, I can assure you’d be far happier making $80K doing something basketball-related than $150K doing something that’s not. Get it? When you get to do what you want to do and that makes you happy, you’ve won.

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This was a heated conversation at SXSW between me and my main man, Bonin Bough, C-level exec and host of CNBC’s Cleveland Hustles with LeBron James. At this talk we discuss brands texting consumers, email newsletters, the importance of time, virtual currency, and personalization when it comes to branding. This one gets heated because we butt heads quite a bit but I’m a big believer in that everything needs to be debated and that’s why this one’s a winner.

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The fact that my great, great grandchildren are going to be the ones who think I am the first person of our family tree just because of the content I’ve produced is an extremely meaningful thing and it can’t be taken lightly. How many of you can say they were impacted by their great, great grandparents? Thought so. And knowing that, I need to be the barometer for what the Vaynerchuk name carries. We’re all on the record for the rest of time so let’s make sure we act like it when we put ourselves out there.

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The legendary JEWEL co-hosts this episode of #AskGaryVee !!! Such an incredible honor getting to jam with Jewel on this episode, but more importantly it was CRAZY to see how in-sync our thoughts are. She has such great energy in this episode and for those that have been staying close to me, you'll really get to see how in-line our thinking is. Check it out and let me know what you think! 

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This one is all-time fire. I was lucky enough to sit with The Drum in an intimate setting in front of 100 people for what is sure to be one of my best interviews. We cover a lot but at the top of the list is Virtual Reality, the thought of everyone being a media company, and the true worth of a 'personal brand.' Save this one for your longer commutes (or workouts) because you're not going to want to cut this short ;) 




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This question always trips me up because the truth is that what many perceive as my 'work,' I look at as my free time. I've made mine. I could do anything in the world and what I choose to do is build businesses. It’s my game. It’s my hobby. It’s what I want to do with my time. It's what I love and I implore you to work to do what makes you happy. That’s the whole thesis behind 'Crush It' - building a living based on something you love and are passionate about. 

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In this clip I sit down with a new hire to discuss their experience with the company so far. For all those looking to lead and build teams, here's some good insight on how to level with your employees and make them feel comfortable enough to open up to you. In this clip we discuss company culture, teams, but also side hustles, the difference between SEO and Social Media in amplifying one's brand, and the value of relationships in one's professional career. 

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This is a one-on-one discussion I had with a young entrepreneur out in London. He was in the early days of his business trying to scale without having much infrastructure to support his goals. At the end of the day, it just boiled down to understanding his strengths and shortcomings. Some necessary tough love here but one that many young and aspiring entrepreneurs need to here. 



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Another version of the call-in shooooooooww! This one is short, sweet, and POWERFUL. I'm super excited about this format because it allows me to develop real context with the questions and the people asking them. I get a feel for their energy, we can elaborate and discuss more detail, and all in all it's just a much better cadence. Let me know what you think of this !!



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This is the first of a new episode format that I'm going to be releasing more often: business meetings! Unedited from start to beginning! I wanted to give all you listeners a peek into I how conduct meetings and what it's like to be in a strategy meeting with me and my team.  In this first installment of meetings, I sit down and talk with The Eighth, a fairly new retail business attacking the white space they saw in the men's luxury underwear market. We discuss their early days in researching and identifying the market, luxury branding, SEM and SEO approaches, influencer marketing, content creation and the importance of documenting versus creating. For the listeners that have asked in the past, this is some really good insight into how I approach introductory business meetings, evaluate the viability of new businesses, and suggest marketing strategies. Thanks for listening, excited to hear your thoughts and learnings from this one.
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WE'RE BACK. On this episode we take call-ins from a live audience and cover everything from from parenting, self-esteem, dealing with confrontation, and taking a seasonal business to a warmer climate. I really enjoy this format because it allows for more context to develop between myself and the audience asking the questions. I'd love to hear what you think because I think this is going to be the new format to the shoooooooow !! 

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